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Our Same-day visit policy

We know that when your child is sick, you worry about his or her health. Sometimes you want to have him seen right away to make sure it’s not serious. So you won’t have to go to the emergency room, we offer same day sick appointments for children.

Our policy is: Established patients of our practice who call ahead for a “sick visit” appointment by 2:30 on weekdays will be offered an appointment time before we close for the day.

Please note, so that there is no misunderstanding:
We will try our best to accommodate your schedule, but we can’t guarantee that the time we can work you in will be your first choice. We must offer appointment slots on a first-come, first-served basis. Be sure your babysitter knows to call you before 2:30 pm if your child gets sick.
If you are more than 30 minutes late for your slot, we won’t guarantee that you’ll be seen (as described above.)
You must call ahead. “Drop ins” aren’t fair to families who called ahead.
We reserve the right to determine what constitutes an urgent “sick visit.” Visits that are not considered urgent, such as well-baby exams and physicals, bed wetting, constipation, etc., may be asked to schedule for another day so we can work in truly ill children.